Everyday technology is achieving new heights and the expectations are increasing at a larger pace from the flourishing mobile market. And, both the tech giants’ platform – Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS is trying hard to gain dominance. However, Google flourished to harness, thus offering numerous flexibilities for both the developers and users. Till the second quarter of 2014, it runs towards 1 billion Android device activation.

However, in the US marketplace, the scenario is similar for both the mobile giants. Undoubtedly, Android is magnificently ahead of iOS with the 1 million apps, thus Android app developers making the most out of it. Also, more number of smartphone players have the Android license, thus, it becomes difficult for Apple to contend with the rest. Let’s take a look on the few questions that are required to ask before choosing the best mobile app development platform:

What your current users are using?

Take a look at your visitors’ stats and explore which section of your mobile traffic comes from Android or iPhone because it’s going to be a differentiating factor because you create an app for your target users, thus making them your primacy is essential. If you find a higher mobile engagement rate from iOS, then it’s recommended to choose iPhone platform for your app. And, the same works for Android as well.

Consider Tablets, too

While choosing between Smartphone and Tablet, you need to consider certain scenarios. If we look at the current market scenario, especially in the smartphones category Android is the leader. However, if we consider tablets, then iPad is favourite among users. However, Google is trying hard to rise above this competition but still it requires time to top the league. To stay ahead of its competitors, there are high expectations from Amazon’s Kindle Fire because it runs on a forked version of Android, which in turn, represents its own class.

So, if you are planning your app for tablet, then you must go for iPad because iPad is the winner in iPad category.

With which platform your developers are acquainted with?

While choosing the company for getting your app developed, you need to see for the team you are choosing, if the company provides best iPhone and Android app development services. As every company is expert in specific platform and languages. And, that you can know by talking with the team and discussing your requirements. So if you are planning to outsource the development of your work, then ensure you handover it to safe and skilled hands. But still you are recommended to keep all your developers and designers in loop regarding mobile application development work.

Planning for paid or free app?

As we all know that App marketplaces are flooded with apps. And, iPad users are passionate about something unique and engaging even if they need to pay for it, they can pay. But Android users prefer for free apps rather than paid ones. Thus, if you are passionate about making money out of your apps, go for iPhone.

Hope the above mentioned tips will help you in choosing the right mobile app platform.