Google has recently released its first developer sample of Android N, its upcoming OS for smartphones and tablet which is expected to hit the market with updated preview on May 18, before the full release in this autumn.

Though the name “N” remains a closely guarded secret— maybe Nerds, or Nougat or Nutella??? To know the actual name we have to wait till May.

Here’s a brief overview of new features in Android N Developer Preview

Reply in notifications

With Android N, you don’t have to come out of the app, rather you can easily reply to the messages in the notification itself. Different notifications from a single app will be bundled together in order to save the messing up your screen. You can expand it by tapping the new expansion button to go through each message or you can also use 2-finger gesture.

Multi-window support

With new multi-window support, you don’t have to swap between two apps anymore. You can easily use 2 apps or activities at a time. This feature is already present in LG and Samsung LG’s multitasking features and iOS 9’s Split view for iPad.

This new feature will let you whatsapp while you’re browsing the web. Also, there is a picture-in-picture mode with which you can watch video while running another app, or simply minimizing on-going activities while watching the video.

Better Doze Mode= Better Battery Life

The favorite Marshmallow feature of everyone— Doze Mode has been enhanced in Android N. There is a 2-tier system in Doze mode now. The first works when the screen is off for a while, no matter whether your phone is stationary or not. The doze mode feature benefits can be enjoyed anytime your Phone is kept unused, no matter it is in your backpack or pocket.

The second layer of Doze mode works like before with additional improvements. Like, when your phone is lying still, it’ll enter a deeper hibernation mode, putting off the network and other activity until widely dazed “maintenance” windows before moving back to sleep.

Emergency Information

With Android N, you will be safer. In earlier versions of the OS, if your phone is locked and someone tries to use it, there is “Emergency” button which gives a dialer for calling any saved contact or 911.

But in Android N what new is— “Emergency Info”, which provides important information details about you to a potential helper. It can be potential life-saver. There is an option to add details such as emergency contacts, address, blood type, allergies, prescription, previous medical conditions and other important information that can help out a good helper.

No Optimization of Apps and Faster App Installs

Optimizing Apps— the most annoying phase when you update your phone has been finally removed by the Google. It means you will be able to install apps or updates much quicker than before.

Even when you buy a new device and restore your old apps, the apps from the Google Play Store will get installed much more quickly. According to the Google’s own assessment, “big apps that needed many minutes to optimize and install in Android 6.0 Marshmallow can now install in just a matter of seconds.