Today in this technologically advanced scenario, the app development industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The majority of People are increasingly using their mobile devices in order to surf the net, the android app development has received a lot of attention of the common masses. The app development is powered by android operating systems.

People use mobile phones to accomplish their day to day tasks with the help of their mobile devices. They have become totally reliant on them. You can surf so many things with just a single click sitting at any corner of the world and have that you want. The android development system has lately witnessed a lot of developments and attention. Here are a few latest trends that are going to make a different stand in android app development this year:


Motion user interface is mainly used for creating animations. You can define the changes in the application swiftly, making it look enriched and smooth. All the elements of animation can be successfully integrated and motioned into the website easily.


A lot of new technology has come up in the android systems these days. There are variant devices like apple Google glass etc which successfully use these types of technologies. For instance, semantic UI is a new design framework which is being repeatedly used by such devices.


Now-a-days cyber crime is increasing to a great extent. No matter how much secured your application might be, still it is very much prone and vulnerable to risks and attacks online. These vulnerabilities make it imperative to introduce security further for the applications. It has therefore become a top priority and the most considered subject for all the android developers.


The concept of citizen development tools has become very renowned and popular. This is because this tool enables the business units to derive a solution for all their business issues without bothering the IT department. Whenever a business needs solution it resorts to IT department asking for a solution which is not practically possible for them because of already assigned application requests. Therefore, this solution can enable both the parties to work at ease and at the same time business units can get their application sanctioned by the third party without involving the IT department.


Adaptive designs basically mean that you design and create such a web page which can adapt to different screen sizes. Everyone wants to see such a webpage which can easily adapt to the screen size whether you are watching it on mobile phones, PC or your tablet. Responsive design is now no longer a “thing”. It has simply become a design. The application should be devised as such so that it can be adaptable to any device easily.


One of the latest trends that are developed in mobile app development is the hybrid mobile apps. They are written in HTML or java script and increasingly used over native mobile applications. Major improvements in hybrid app performance have been seen during last few years leading to better efficiency in implementing java script.