Are you struggling with the question how much it cost developing an Android app? If yes, here is something you must read.

Android is a tool using which new mobile and website applications are created. Android operating system is developed using Java as the main language and using SQLlite or any other alternate as the back-end, Android Applications are usually developed, compiled, run and tested using the Android software development kit (SDK).

Necessities to Build An Android App-

Android SDK

Android SDK is a kit which allows developers to create mobile applications under an Android platform. A normal Android SDK consists of projects with source code, development tools, an emulator, to build Android applications. There are custom libraries also present to enable user feasibility. All lining and other tasks are handled by the XML files, which triggers the main page once called. Applications are written using the Java programming language.                 


This is a toolset which allows the user to implement parts of the application by making usage of languages like C and C++.

Registration with Google

To develop and publish an app, a one-time payment of 25$(INR 1664.95) has to be made. Post this payment, you can build and publish any number of apps and can also update your applications n number of times. At the end, you can also publish your app either as a paid one or free, depending on your choice.

How Much It Costs?

While developing an android app, there are certain factors which have to be kept in mind.

  • The type of app to be developed
  • Count of features
  • Complexity of the features used
  • Standard and level of design used
  • Platform used
  • How big is the team size
  • What are the rates going on and on what are the modes of payment used?
  • Time and effort used to create the app
  • Man power used
  • After development (maintenance) cost.

Types of Apps

1) Basic functionality App – development cost between $1000 to $5000

2) Data Driven App – development cost between $8000 to $30000

3) Gaming App – development cost between $10000 to $45000

4) Modification of in-built features.

5) Completely dynamic app – development cost around $115000

6) Custom utilities – development cost depends upon the facilities chosen.

Who leads the cost game?! Android or iOS?

When compared to iOS, Android app development is more costly. With added features and compatibility, android apps rule the market. In iOS, the major part that counts is the registration charges, which costs somewhere around $50 to $100 per app, depending on the functionality. Whereas, the Android market demands $25 for the registration, but charges high with the infrastructure, servers and the back-end support.

Being easier to update post development, the maintenance charges also count a lot as there is continuous change in the functionality, features and other factors such as screen additions, payment mode compatibility, etc. The other factors which result in cost up-rise can be the social media integrations, which allows users to login using current social media accounts.