The Internet of Things or IoT is a great enabler. It has the power to make your home more comfortable, safer, and energy efficient. What’s more, it can even save you a lot of money in the bargain.

Smart and disparate devices and home gadgets unified and integrated with sensors and connected to the internet, make a great difference! IoT is a life-changer as it has the potential to impact almost everything in your home. From your appliances and air-conditioning to switches and security, from entertainment and environmental monitoring to dishwashers and doors, from thermostats to toasters and even coffee makers. All geared towards saving your time, energy and money.

We are not talking about the distant future. IoT is real and it’s here! Smart companies like Nest, GE, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, Honeywell, Haiku, HomeDepot and Ecobee to name a few, are already busy at work, making smart homes smarter.

Here’s how IoT can make a real difference to your lives today:

Smart Coffee

You can kick start your day with this smart Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker. It sets your coffee preferences better than any Italian Chef. It adjusts the coffee strength, warns you if the water level is alarmingly low. You can control this device from Smarter Coffee from anywhere at home through your smartphone.

Smart Lighting

Smart bulbs, a bridge and a wireless dimming kit from Philips Hue give you smart lighting in your home. The lights switch on automatically when you enter your home. You can personalize the lighting to match your mood. Or just save on energy costs!

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Smart Heating or Cooling

Brands like Ecobee and Honeywell are at work keeping Nest busy with smart thermostats to control the heating and cooling of your home. The third generation Nest Learning Thermostat is a cool and smart solution that senses your movements, tracks them and creates a customized temperature schedule basis a smart algorithm. If you are not happy, you can adjust it using your smartphone. The best thing is that you can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%.

Smart Tags

Do you waste a lot of time in the morning looking for your laptop, your reading glasses or your home/office keys? Just tag them with sensors from Cobra Tag. Your smartphone will help locate them. But please remember to keep your smartphone with you.

Smart Remote Control

Smart solutions from WeMO work the internet and IFTTT giving you the power to control your electronic appliances, power, water or Wi-Fi from anywhere and at anytime. If you suddenly remember at work that you left the music system on at home, you can switch it off remotely.

Smart Smoke and Water Leakage Detectors

Track smoke or the presence of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide before it becomes a safety hazard with smart detectors from Nest. Devices from Awair can monitor the air quality or the presence of asthma causing allergens in the house.

A water leakage alarm from Ninja Block devices alerts you before your basement, bathrooms and kitchens resemble a swimming pool!

Smart Security

Intelligent cameras from Nest and Honeywell and August Smart locks give you total peace of mind and a good night’s sleep at home or even when you are away on vacation. They work 24×7 unlike security personnel and send you an alarm in case of a security event. You can even let your wife in if she has lost her keys at the shopping mall and you are not at home.