Online shopping is ever-growing, which makes it crucial for every retailer to have a mobile app for their brand. In this modern world, people are always pre-occupied with their work and other activities. No wonder store shopping becomes a painful task for them. They prefer to do most of their shopping through the internet, rather than spending time in driving to the retail store. It is true that online shopping on PC or laptop is a convenient option. However, mobile apps have gained more recognition for providing people with an ‘anywhere, anytime’ shopping experience. Let us look at how retailers can satisfy customers through an app, and how an app can enhance a retailer’s brand identity.

1. Risen use of smart phones

With increased use of smart phones, mobile shopping has become very common. With an app, your customers can quickly login and add whatever they want in their cart. They can initiate payment through mobile payment gateway and that’s it. They are done with their shopping. As most of the retailers do deliver on the same day or on the next day early morning, people do find this as a more optimized option, than driving to the retail store and bringing home the bags full of stuff themselves.

2. Exposure to brand

A mobile retail store can always remain at your customer’s reach. It gives them an immense pleasure to shop with their fingertips. Thus, users will always love to carry out their shopping through your mobile app. This way, your brand gains more exposure and popularity.

3. Multi-channel cross promotion

With an app, you may invite customers through multiple channels. With the app’s location-based tracking of customers, you may target those customers who are close to the location of your physical store. You can intimate them with your promotions and sale offers. You will definitely find them immediately dropping into your physical retail store, soon after receiving updates from you.

4. 24/7/365 access

As a physical retail store, you will have a particular time for your operations, thus leaving a limited space for your customers to shop at your store. Online shopping with PC or laptop does provide a convenient option of shopping at the comfort of home. However, a mobile store is much more advanced, where your customers can shop even during the midnight, while they are on their bed.

5. Anytime, anywhere shopping

On the same note of shopping anywhere, anytime, a mobile store gives your customers a facility to shop from anywhere. They don’t have to have their laptops or PCs, connected to Wi-Fi. They may shop from your mobile retail, while they are on their go, like when they are waiting for a doctor to see them at the hospital, or when they are on their way back home from their work.

6. Provokes impulsive buys

A mobile app provokes impulsive buying to a great extent. Imagine a lady who comes across her colleague having a fruit cake. The lady asks her colleague about it. When she comes to know from which online retail store her colleague bought the fruit cake from, she would immediately want to install that retail store’s app and order it right away.

7. Better capturing of customer data

Today’s customers, especially the younger generation, spend a fortune of their time in using mobile devices. With this trend, you get an opportunity for mining a great amount of data, pertaining to how often customers, open your app, how long they spend on your app, which are the products they most look at, which are the product displays they share with their social networking friends, and so on. Henceforth, an app intelligently captures customer behavioural data that can be very useful for planning your promotional strategies.

8. Inventory management

With an app, your consumers will be able to check in-store availability of the products they are looking for, instead of calling one of your call centers for finding out about the stock availability. This saves your cost, and your customer’s time.

9. Entice technical savvy individuals

People from IT industry are the ones, who can afford to spend the maximum at a retail store. At the same time, they are the individuals, who prefer the most cutting edge ways of undertaking their shopping endeavor. With an app, you will be appealing to those users, through whom you can earn good revenue for your retail business.


With mobile retail offering enormous benefits to consumers as well as retailers, every retailer today is investing in an app, despite having a web presence. Henceforth, it is high time for you as a retailer, to invest in a mobile app today. With the level of competition in the retail industry, you ought to do this for not getting lost in the crowd.