Are you looking to build a mobile app for your business? Here are 10 tips to consider to make a successful mobile app.

Creating a Mobile App is the hottest way to achieve quick and enormous success in the present times. With so many different Apps arriving in the market on a daily basis, competition is at its peak and more often than not, great ideas fail miserably. In such a tough environment, App developers need to focus on some key elements that are often missed. These key elements determine an App’s success or failure. Without further ado, here are 10 tips that you need to adhere to before you launch your App on stores:

Try to stay as close as possible to your original idea

Once you have chosen your idea, stick to it. Do not deviate from the path for any reason. Even if you do, try not to get too far away from the main goal of creating your App. Sometimes, Developers get impatient with slow growth of their Apps and try to make quick money by integrating too many ads that clutter the interface and tend to stop developing the main functionality of the App and great ideas get lost in the process. Users lose interest in an App that has nothing new to offer and would hit the uninstall button faster than they installed it.


Let’s face it! Most of the ideas have already been taken, implemented and re-implemented a hundred more times. Brainstorm as much as you can and come up with an entirely new concept or try to bring new insight to an old idea. The mind is an unexplored, astonishing entity. You would be surprised to know how easily you can come up with innovative ideas. And people are always on the lookout for something new and different. Target this very belief.


If you put up an app that costs even $0.99, chances are that nobody would buy it. But if you put up an app for free, thousands would. Nobody likes to be charged and the harsh truth remains that not a single person thinks that your app is worth $.99 or lesser of their hard-earned money unless you have something truly extraordinary to offer. So only launch a free app. Wait until you receive some appreciation and only then think of charging users with due consideration to all factors.

There is no better publicity than word-of-mouth

If you make one customer happy, he will most likely bring you 10 more customers. Make sure that every single customer has something that he/she can take away from your App. Customers form the backbone of any business and they determine your success or failure.

Establish an equal offline experience

An App that works offline is most loved by users. Of course, social Apps don’t make much sense working offline. But games and storage apps need very good offline usability and design since Wi-Fi and network signals are unavailable at times. In such cases, if your app refuses to open, customers won’t be happy.
Look attractive!

People like Apps with stunning visuals that appeal to the eye. Beautiful Apps sell like hot cakes. Use rich gradients, textures and shadows and make use of subtle attributes like elegance, easy readability and a striking layout. Skeuomorphism is a User Interface that imitates physical objects that will further help you enrich user experience.

Learn from the mistakes of others

Sit down and search for all the bad apps ever made. Try to understand what went wrong with them from the standpoint of a user/customer. This is a very important step since it prevents you from making the same mistakes. Most top mobile app developers study only successful Apps and not the bad ones.

Advertising right!

Ads make up for 90% of the marketing of your App. When you design an Ad, create good visual content because it catches the eye of potential customers quickly. The Ad should be able to describe why users should install your App in just a glance.

Make the best use of Social Media

Social Media Marketing is very popular today because it’s budget-friendly and brings in quick popularity of your App. Social Media is free to use and you easily increase the number of downloads by spending a small amount of money.

Make sure your App works on all platforms

Android is now the dominant Mobile App platform with a 50 percent market share. Right from the initial stages; develop your app by keeping in mind all platforms like Android, IPhone and Windows.