The iOS 10 is here, the new version of iOS 10 unveiled at the WWDC held in San Francisco and promises to give update to older generation of iOS devices. Apple has added new features and giving users even better experience.

Let’s see what’s new in the iOS 10:

Removed Bloatware

Users complaint to Apple to remove all the stock apps which are pre-installed in the phone. These are calculator, calendar, compass, iBooks, Mail, Find my friends, etc. You can now delete those apps and re download from the app store.

Redesigned lock screen

With the pressure sensitive technology which Apple calls 3D touch has made the lock screen more interactive. With the iOS 10, it gives a lot of options to fully customize your lock screen.

Bye Bye Game Center

Since no one used the app, then Apple thought to give farewell to the infamous game center.

Unlimited Safari Tabs

Earlier, people could only open 30 tabs at a time, after iOS 9 we saw that we could only open 36 tabs. But in iOS 10, you will not complain about opening the tabs on Safari.

You can click pictures and play music at the same time

In the previous versions we could not listen to music while we open the camera. This issue will no longer be in the iOS 10, except when you record a video then the music will stop.

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This feature will bring Siri’s intelligence to the keyboard by providing multilingual typing. This would be a time saver which will drop the necessity for downloading the third party app.

New Clock

The new clock app has get two new features namely, bedtime and wake alarm features. The bedtime will keep track of what time you go to your bed and at what time you wake up. This keeps the track of your activities.


The new map will tell you where you have parked your car by sending a notification to the location. It will also recommend the destination to park your vehicle.

Optimized storage

Storage has been an issue with all the smartphones so Apple has addressed to this issue and named it as optimized storage that helps you save some storage by deleting the music which you have not heard of for a while.

Apple has addressed to all the issues which the users faced in their previous generation devices.

Which feature did you like about iOS 10? Let us know in the comments section below.