Instant messaging apps have taken the internet industry by storm. The likes of Whatsapp have apparently replaced the SMS or text messaging. With plenty of messaging apps around, Whatsapp has emerged as a lone warrior.

It was announced in 2014 that WhatsApp had over 600 million active users worldwide. At that point WhatsApp was adding about 25 million new users every month, or 833,000 active users per day With 65 million active users representing 10% of the total worldwide users.

Here are some features which will help you build an instant messaging app which resembles to Whatsapp:

File or video sharing

To make an amazing instant messaging app you need to make sure that the app allows you to share multimedia files and high resolutions images, videos, share contacts and other documents.

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Offline connectivity

Everyone cannot be online at every time and everyplace, there are some limitations where network is not available or any other situation where you are unable to connect to the internet for some reason. This is where offline capabilities come in the picture which allows the users to stay in touch and ensures that you can get all the vital info even when offline.


Instant messaging apps have now integrated groups in the apps where you can create a group and send or share images, videos, contacts and location and also have an option to delete or leave group.

Share screen

The screen sharing option in the chat app solution enables users to share screens with other users at a remote location. As a result, users in remote location can monitor what is being performed on the screen.

If you keep these features in your mind while developing your Instant messaging app, then you will have a good chance that your app will become one of the popular instant messaging app just like Whatsapp.

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