These days, if you want to attain success, having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient. This is because online activity continues to shift to mobile and thus, mobile apps have become a very important marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. It is believed that the rise in mobile phone usage has made smartphone app a key marketing tool for almost every company. Mobile apps increase engagement with customers to a large extent, boost repeat visits and also paves the way for a wide variety of online transactions such as the deployment of loyalty cards, ecommerce transactions and push promotions. Moreover, apps play a vital role in sending announcements that build your sales with your esteemed customers.

However, it is see that mobile apps includes some loopholes, which not only affect the smartphone device, but also damage user’s personal data and it is said that the secure smartphone app development cannot be achieved with the same level of ability. Defects can be anything and listed below are some common drawbacks found in mobile apps:

Bad Authentication and Poor Authorization

Both these vulnerabilities are seen on the server side and can lead to sensitive data disclosure. It is important for the app developer to pay a lot of attention towards its authentication procedure by making sure all the needed precautionary measures while developing the mobile app.

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Apps includes lots of malware that people are forced to install from the play store, but there is a Google Bouncer at the play store so as to detect and block any type of malware but fails to do. On the other hand, in order to assre a good app, there is a need of checking malwares. In addition, there are several free as well as paid anti-malware apps with the motive to preserve you from bad apps.

Security Resolutions via Untrusted Inputs

These issues usually affect Android-based apps, but nowadays, these drawbacks are also seen in iPhone apps. Thus, it is said that authorization controls, input validation, canonicalization as well as output escaping needs to be analyzed carefully. Moreover, there is a need to take extra care while accepting and validating URL schemes.

Dull User Interface

This is one of the biggest drawbacks and this leads to the downfall of an app. You should understand that your app’s UI as well as navigation mode should be easy to understand and fun to use. Users tend to avoid the complexities with the chosen app for a smooth and user friendly experience. Thus, it is very important to pay proper attention on UI/UX.

Improper Session Handling

The confidentiality as well as the integrity of session tokens needs to be preserved through TLS/SSL connections. On the other hand, the device identifiers should be avoided and there is a need for safe mechanisms for cancelling the session on lost devices.

So, from next time when you develop an app, keep security in mind and give your users smooth running of mobile apps on any device.

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