There are some amazing cross-platform mobile app development tools which are within your reach and hence, developing such apps have become very easy.

The number of mobile phone users are increasing with every passing day and thus, mobile apps have become imperative for business owners in order to attract a large number of customers. When it comes to developing a mobile app, the most important thing is to choose the best app development platform. It is said that if your target audience is split between Android, Windows and iOS phones, then there is a need to opt for cross platform mobile app development. Before moving further, you should understand the meaning of cross platform. This type of development refers to the creation of mobile apps that can be used on several mobile platforms. Mentioned below are several cross platform mobile app development tools as well as frameworks to support such development:


The tool offers a simple way for the creation of cross-platform apps not only for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, but also for desktop apps for OS X, Windows, Linux as well as for Raspberry Pi. Developing apps with Xojo is 10 times faster as you can use one set of source code so as to support multiple platforms.


This app development tool enables app developers to code in JavaScript and offer some value-added features such as mobile backend as a service and real-time mobile analytics. By using this platform, you can verify apps with full mobile test automation and gains 60% to 90% of code reuse at the time of deploying on different platforms.

Corona Labs

It is a well-known name to develop cross-platform 2D graphics games as well as educational apps with the help of Lua programming language. With Corona SDK, you will get the results as soon as the developer writes the code. It even enables you to publish on all the major platforms and is perfect for code reusability. Moreover, the SDK has its own built-in monetization platform, Corona Ads. Hence, a perfect tool required for the success of the app.


The tool is defined as a set of open source software frameworks used for developing cross-platform apps and games. It provides mobile app developers the flexibility to code in javaScript, C++, Objective C, JavaScript C# and some other languages also.


With drag-and-drop development and automated app store submission, developing cross-platform apps has become very easy. With unlimited push notifications, loyalty programs, reservations and many more, apps have the ability to generate revenue and increase customer engagement. Last but not the least, it provides rich analytical insights.


A browser based app development tool that gives automated solutions for the development of iOS as well as Android apps. With this tool, you can easily build, test as well as deploy production quality apps from scratch. Furthermore, you can design your app by using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to build interface of an app and UI logic.

With all the above-mentioned cross-platform mobile application development tools, you don’t have to worry about developing apps for several platforms.

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