You should fully test your app before releasing it to the general public and in this regard, beta testing should be considered.

These days, smartphone apps are becoming very important for businesses of all sizes. App stores are already equipped with a wide range of mobile apps and thus, you should create an app that has the capabilities to distinguish you from your competitors. If you are engaged in developing an app then you should not forget that the best testing is of utmost importance for the qualitative app. In other words, the beta testing phase can tell whether your smartphone app will be successful or will just be an another icon on the app market interface.

Tips for Beta Testing

Find Beta Testers

If you are ready to start the beta phase then you should pay attention on the beta testing group and there should be numerous types of devices. This is because developing an app for only few handsets is considered as a big loss for any app development project. The beta testing group should not only include family, relatives as well as friends. Getting the perfect beta testers will greatly affect the quality and also the outcome of this stage, so include right testers in order to make sure that your app receives the right feedback as well as the bug report.

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Beta Platform

After the beta group, it is the time for beta platform. It is important to have a platform as people are able to test out the app and give feedback. Hence, you should find an accessible platform where a beta testing group can be started and you could also set up a feedback system within the app itself. This way testers can easily have feedback. The group platform can be used to receive information about the functioning of testing and can also give information about beta builds, tester duties and also tells you about your expectations from every single tester. Platform is something where the information goes back and comes forward between you as well as the testing group.

Keep Track of Testers

After beginning the beta testing, you should monitor your testers. This allows you to get to know several things. You can ensure that each tester is fulfilling his responsibilities properly and whether everyone is sending you regular updates and feedback or not. In order to motivate them, you should tell them the importance of their feedback. For motivation, you can set up a reward plan that will entice them to perform their best during the testing phase. However, just make sure that the reward is worthy their time. In this regard, you can guarantee deluxe features for free or can give them the whole app at free of cost.

Prepare Your App For The Launch

You should not launch the mobile app in hurry. There is a need to test the app step-by-step as this will help you in finding any error and helps in giving the finishing touch on the remaining issues. It is said that you should release the app in a limited amount to just one market and the full release should be done after making sure that your app is flawless. It is said that the first release of the app should be done on a lower tier app market and if you find everything fine in this small market then launch it on a major market.

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Wrapping Up

Developing successful apps require a lot of time and proper testing. Beta testing is a perfect step as this phase helps in acquiring answers which are important for making the app successful.

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