There are some drawbacks, allowing people to uninstall your mobile app. Thus, understand them and save your app from them for its success.

The demand for smartphone apps is increasing at a rapid pace mainly because with apps, you are at a higher chance to achieve more results, which cannot be achieved with just a mobile-friendly website. However, apps for your mobile device are not of high-quality and as per a recent report, a wide range of mobile apps are not even opened for the second time. This is because customers don’t find the features of all the apps appealing and the performance of an app is decided by numerous features. Listed below are some key reasons that make people hate your smartphone app:

Awful View

Users of smartphone apps have small screen, allowing them to see content and when there is a lot of resizing and zooming in or out then users will not think much before deleting the app. Thus, a rich viewing experience should be provided.

Security Problems

If an app lacks safety measures then this acts as the biggest pitfall, which allow them to delete your mobile application. Hence, there is a need to keep the personal information safe. You should not pave the way for irrelevant information which creates a sense of insecurity among users.

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Huge Battery Consumption

Smartphone apps that drain your battery to a great extent leads to its uninstallation. There are several apps that consume too much battery, but you have to make sure that your app is not from this category so as to attract customers.

Lots Of Advertisements

Nowadays, mobile apps are considered as a perfect marketing tool as when apps are downloaded then there is a huge chance of the advertisements being seen as well as responded by many users. This is why adverts are known as the best way to drive money, but a plethora of advertisements can irritate them, which compel them to delete your app.

Too Much Notifications

A lot of pop-ups for every event increases the chances of mobile app uninstallations. You should not annoy users with constant notifications and once a user disable any notification then the app shouldn’t ask for it again.

Asking A Lot For Likes And Reviews

There are apps that are on user’s smartphone for months and you continuously ask them to rate their app. Positive reviews are important as a smooth and interruption free user experience. Hence, asking  for a review again and again can be a big interruption and thus, you should avoid this.

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Incapability Of Fulfilling The Promise

There are many cases when the app fails to deliver what it is supposed to offer. This sheer incapability of an app can spoil the game. This means that you should pay attention on your apps so as to make sure that it is able to deliver the promised features.

All the above-mentioned are some major drawbacks, which can decrease the number of downloads.

So, make sure that these pitfalls are not a part of your mobile app so as to attract users. By avoiding them, you can surely increase the popularity of your app and can make your app stand out from rest of the mobile applications.

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