Every phase is of utmost importance in the mobile app development process. Thus, all the steps should be considered for great apps.

As per a recent survey, most of the people spend their 90% of mobile time on smartphone apps. On the other hand, a wide range of companies generate most of the profit through mobile sales. Hence, mobile app development is growing at a rapid pace. Companies like Appinventiv leaves no stone unturned in coming up with high-quality apps which ensure that you reach your niche market.

However, when it comes to developing a smartphone app, as a mobile app developer you should have complete knowledge of mobile app development process. This leads to the creation of great apps. Developing a mobile app includes several steps, which should not be overlooked.

Mobile App Development stages

Detailed market research

Before you jump into the design and development phase, conducting an in depth research is very important. This will help you in knowing your target audience, competitors and user’s expectations from your app to name a few. After knowing all these things you will be able to come up with a better app.

Decide the motive of your app

This is considered as the planning phase of your mobile app development life cycle. You should know all the features and functionalities important for your app. In addition to this, you have to make sure that your app can satisfy the demands of your end users.


This is a very important step as it gives you a rough idea about the look as well as feel of your mobile app. Before starting the wireframing, some important things should be considered such as screen orientation, better representation of the icons and key objectives etc. This will help you in making the designing and development process fast.

App development

Once you have the design, it is time to develop an app. Agile methodology is considered as the best approach for mobile app development. This is because it allows you to make amazing changes and add new features in a hassle-free manner.  

App testing

You should make your app available for beta trial by allowing participation of people to test it properly. Their feedback can be used to enhance the performance of your mobile application. This is one of the most important stages which should not be overlooked.

Launch the app

When your app is ready, you can submit it in the app store or play store. Find targeted keywords to use in the title and description before the submission. However, you should not forget that iOS apps take 6-6 days to get approval, whereas android apps just need 3 hours for approval.


The mobile app development process does not end with submitting your app. In fact, there is a need to have effective marketing strategy. Promote it on social media sites and enhance its reach.


If you are looking forward to make the process efficient, as a mobile app developer you have to comprehend the mobile app development lifecycle precisely. This way you can make your app feature-rich and highly functional. This automatically minimizes the chances of rejection by the app stores.