Talking to Siri is a faster as well as an easier way to complete the things. It is always there on your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac for your help. You can simply ask Siri to play a song, set an alarm or play a voicemail. In addition, you can even ask Siri to send an invite. By using it on a regular basis, you can allow Siri understand your requirements at any moment. However, all these things will only get better in iOS 11. With Apple’s announcement about Siri becoming its own special app tie-ins, iOS app developers and users jumped in joy.

On the other hand, Siri has become a lot more predictive across several iOS apps. For instance, if you search for Iceland in Safari, it will immediately surface iceland-related in the news app. In addition, if you get a message asking for money, this voice recognition assistant will recommend iMessage’s Apple Pay integration with the amount that has been demanded. We all know that Apple launched Siri five years back only for user interaction. However, in iOS 10, Apple launched this voice recognition assistant for development. Hence, iphone app developers can integrate Siri Kit in apps.

Siri Kit for Applications belonging to any of the below domains

Messaging apps: If your application has messaging feature, then Siri Kit can be used.

Payments: Applications which support payment feature also have the chance of using it.

Workouts: Application that belongs to this category can easily integrate Siri

Ride Booking: Ride booking apps also have the chance of integrating Siri Kit.

Search photos: Apps that have the quality of searching photo can also utilize the feature, Siri.

Lists and notes: Apps that allows you to create and manage notes or to-do lists can use Siri.

In addition to the above-mentioned list, Siri can work with some other types of apps such as Voice over IP calling, car commands, carplay, visual codes and restaurant reservation. On the other hand, if iOS app developer has built iOS app for the lowest common denominator, then such app can’t use SiriKit. Siri work with only these apps because Apple is paying attention on quality over quantity. The company don’t want you to speak in a certain way or frame sentences in a specific order. In simple words, Apple wants you to speak in a natural way.

Apple ensures privacy

The main motive of the brand is to put privacy and security on the topmost priority. Apparently, apps integrated with Siri get the questions you ask and the commands you issue, but not your personal data. Thus, there is no exaggeration in saying that this gives you a lot of functionality without compromising on the privacy.