With the booming growth in the usage of smartphones, the mobile apps are also increasing. The result is that today, we have a mobile app for every task; we rely on them for every minute task. They have become an integral part of our lives; making us experience its tone like our sense. This has resulted in the rise in the demand for mobile app development. More and more companies are investing in developing mobile applications, which is ultimately increasing the competition in the app market. In such a scenario, you can remain in the limelight only if you are exploring new ideas, adopting new technologies & trends and thus, serving users with exceptional experience.

Wondering what are the different app development trends in 2017? Here is a list of the top trends that can enable you to provide better user experience and bring more profit to your business.

Mobile App Development


  • Wearable Devices


Smart wearable like the Microsoft’s Hololens and Apple Watch are no more restricted to perform basic functions. They are set to perform more interactive functions via creating a hub of a personal-area network including gadgets like on-body healthcare sensors, display devices (such as Google Glass), smart jewelry, or a wide range of sensors embedded in clothes and footwears. Moreover, the wearables app will be used not just in health and fitness industry, but in other industries as well.


  • m-Commerce


m-Commerce is another great thing for mobile app developers and app development companies. This technology has opened new opportunities for the developers to make the best use of smartphone features and deliver utmost services. For an instance, with the introduction of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, the developers are asked to make mobile apps that perform transactions without the use of physical credit card or cash.


  • IoT


Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things), smartphones are used as a remote to connect with different devices like LED light bulbs, sports equipment, controllable power sockets, medical devices, etc. People are aggressively using them to control the functioning of smart devices, analyze the information and thereafter, make their life easier & smoother.

Many big and small companies are working on this technology and the very best example is Google. Google has two projects called Nest and Brillo based on IoT. The Brillo is an OS supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android elements, while Nest is associated with home automation products like a smoke alarm, thermostat, and camera.


  • AR & VR


With the arrival of ‘Pokemon Go’ last year, the developers have come up with a new field to show their creativity and skills. The mobile app development companies are working on integrating the AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) into the app development. The very significant example is KabaQ, which is a restaurant menu that allows the customer to see the 3D models of the items, know about the ingredients & their proportion and much more.


  • AMP


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is another popular trend associated with mobile application development this year. Introduced in 2016, AMP is gaining higher visibility in the present time; providing a newer opportunity to the app development companies to create faster loading websites. And so, uplift their conversion rate with lesser bounce rate.

This technology is doing wonders and is going to be more successful with the introduction of Google Stamp.


  • Instant Apps


Android Apps are a hot topic since Google announced at Google I/O 2017. Both users and developers remained excited for this technology that allows one to use the features of a mobile app without actually installing it on one’s smartphone. In other words, this technology replaces the web pages with mobile apps and allows customers to experience exceptionally without downloading the app. The magic of Instant Apps is going to increase with the introduction of Instant Apps to Google Pixel and Nexus smartphones.


  • App Security


As all the information is saved on cloud and payments are done online, more emphasis is made on App Security. More and more efforts are made to prevent the personal and important data of the users being misused by the hackers. Google is putting its best efforts on using automatic security updates and granular app permissions model to provide a secure and effective user experience. In addition to this, the mobile application experts are keeping an eagle’s eye on each and every aspect of the application development to make sure that a high-quality, secure app is delivered to the other end.
Besides these technologies & trends, Location-based application development, Beacon development, Swift iOS development, Enterprise app development and Big Data is also in vogue in 2017.

Wrapping Up!

With the above-mentioned technologies & trends, make a better mobile app development strategy and reinvent your app. For more guidance regarding the application development, contact us! We, at Appinventiv, take pride in creating more than 230 mobile apps for clients worldwide. Our expert team is skilled, experienced and keep the market needs in concern to deliver ultimate app development services.