Today, the companies are in a race to reach a larger audience at the earliest, leaving the competitors behind. They keep on implementing new technologies, and marketing strategies to remain in the spotlight. However, many of them forget that retaining the existing users is as important as attracting new users. The outcome is that 80% of the app users leave the app within 90 days of installation. If you are looking forward to have your own business app or belong to any android app development services provider firm, consider the following points to know what mistakes can prevent your app from becoming irresistible:

Mistakes Not to Make in Android App Development

  • App Not Excelling at a Particular Task

When developing Android apps, keep into consideration is that the app must have a prime functionality. There must be a feature that encourages the users to use the app; a functionality that becomes the USP of your mobile application. For example: Uber provide various type of services, but it is popular for its ride service.  

According to our experts, you can provide various other additional features as well, but the main focus must be on one. You can’t compromise with the quality of the main feature.

  • Integrating Too Many Features

Again, when you provide multiple options to the customers, they get confused at making a choice. They would find it hard to understand where to start. As a result, they might get frustrated and exit the app. To overcome this situation, make sure that your app has limited and clear options. When you cut down the options, you will find it easier to understand the user behavior and take right steps in a progressive way.

  • Having Unexciting & Lengthy Onboard Process

As per our experience, the onboarding experience makes a bigger difference in user retention. If your app asks for too personal details, takes multiple steps or does not entertain the user well, they will feel disappointed and doubtful about your app. Hence, they will leave midway.

  • App Providing Unrelevant Content

Users, these days, are restless. They want to see desirable results in lesser time and with lesser efforts. If not, they do not prefer using the app again. So, the top mobile app development companies suggest all to make the app content personalized. The users must be given the opportunity to personalize the content as per their choice.

Also, don’t forget to present the information in a more pleasing manner. We advise to include images and videos to the crispy detail so as to entice the app users.

  • Offering Continuous Push Notifications

No doubt the push notifications play a pivotal role in engaging users and entice them to revisit your app, but they can irritate the users when sent in bulk. The customer will get irritated and at last, uninstall your app to enjoy peace of mind. So, plan for proper push notifications settings in your android app development services.

  • App is Slow & Crashing

If your Android application loads slower or crashes in between, the users would surely switch to alternatives. And it is more likely to happen since there are millions of apps around; a user needs not to struggle with your app to get a particular service. So, to keep the users hooked to your application, make sure your app works efficiently and effectively.

  • App Shows Irritating Advertisements

Several top mobile app development companies say that one of the main mistakes made by various developers is the incorporation of advertisements in their apps. The users find it difficult to perform a task without clicking on the advertisements. They accidentally hit on the ads and their whole journey gets ruined; they have to begin the procedure again or undo their action. This consumes a lot of time and energy, because of which users leave the app. And thereafter, you observe declining user retention rate.

Wrapping Up! 

Keep the above-mentioned points into your mind while developing an android app, and thus deliver exceptional Android app development services.