Today, about 70% of enterprises believe that mobility is a top priority and thus, we are able to see a widespread adoption of enterprise mobility solutions. Enterprise mobility is a trend that has enabled the staff work outside the office in a hassle-free manner. In addition to this, it proves to be quite handy for the mobility of corporate data.

According to Nasscom, enterprise mobility market will further develop and it will reach an investment of $140 billion a year during the next three to four years. However, it is still an evolving technology and thus, a huge part of its success or failure depends on the fact how we are able to accept the new trends and how well we accept the new challenges. Due to this, it is important for you to have complete  knowledge of new trends of 2017.

Latest Trends to Follow and the Challenges to Overcome

1.Rise of Companion Apps:

These days, mobile app developers are creating apps for the internal functions and for the users. There is no exaggeration in saying that general apps are getting replaced by companion apps or applications which are developed to simplify the functions. As per the report, investment in enterprise app development will increase by five minutes. On the other hand, the challenge that the companies will have to deal with is the concerned risk factors that can spoil the productivity of development. Enterprises also have to deal with unlocking data silos, a great step for getting best work output solutions.

2.Accelerating Migration to the Cloud:

Reliability, flexibility and lower cost have increased the migration of business solutions to the cloud. The major challenge here is related to the security and in order to resolve this problem, app development companies settle down with hybrid solutions. The rise in the security issues clearly states that regulatory security controls cannot be ignored.

3.High-Demand for Citizen Developers:

The demand for enterprise mobility has favored the growth of highly intuitive and user-friendly app development platforms. As a result, there is a growth of so-called citizen developers. It increases the speed of the development process and paves the way for easy drag and drop options. Talking about the challenge, in most of the cases, citizen developers do not implement the techniques properly. In order to sort out this issue, you can take the help of a professional.

4.Huge Impact of Artificial Intelligence:

The use of AI has made a significant impact in the world of computing.  App development for enterprises are leveraging features such as those offered by Google Now, Cortana and Siri and other personal assistants. There is a high rise of smart apps through which users can control lighting, security systems and heating with the help of Siri. Here, also security breaches is one of the biggest challenges. In order to avoid this issue, several companies are paying attention on the threat management strategy. Agile management solution is considered as the optimal way to solve the issue.

5.The Proliferation of Bring Your Own Devices: 

Bring your own devices culture (BYOD) has grown in popular demand in the year 2017. The biggest advantage of adopting this culture is that it will increase the productivity of these apps which can make your business grow. Now, talking about the challenge, some of the employee’s mobile devices face security issues and it is difficult for companies to manage several BYOD. One of the effective solutions to tackle this problem is to implement a strong mobile strategy that offers security to the employee devices.

Summing Up
After having complete knowledge about the enterprise mobility trends and its several challenges, you can now implement it. By witnessing all the aforesaid challenges, it can be said that security is the biggest issue in most the trend. Thus, it is important to stay alert and tackle such issue with utmost care.