The thought of having your own mobile app is compelling. Isn’t it? We find millions of applications in the app store and wish to design a mobile app. We hunt for ideas and run to the top app development agencies to give a tough competition to those top-rated apps. In this whole scenario, the first question that strikes our mind is how much will this cost?

The cost, undoubtedly, is one of the main factors driving our thoughts and processes. In fact, there are various mobile apps who failed to hit the market at the pre-decided time or gain higher momentum due to the shortage/ unplanned use of fund. Stressed? You shouldn’t. Though the mobile app design cost is not certain, there are various factors through which you can determine the estimated value of investment you need to put in.

Factors that Impact the Cost to Design a Mobile App:

When talking about the cost of designing an exceptional app, there are various factors you have to consider, like in-depth research and analysis, competitive evaluation, UI/UX design, graphic design, prototyping and visual design to name a few.

Some of the factors that we suggest to consider for analyzing the cost to design a mobile app are as follows:

1.App Platform

The app platform you choose is also important to determine the cost of app development. According to our research, native apps provide excellent user experience but need higher investment than the hybrid or web apps. Again, developing an iOS application is cheaper than an Android mobile app, especially when you have outsourced it to the top app development agency in India.

2.Research and Analysis

To ensure that your app gets huge traction in the market, it is necessary you do a complete research of the potential market, the scope of the project, expectations of the target audience, and so on. This task needs to go for various tedious surveys for nearly 20-40 hours, which means you need a higher amount of money to sustain it.


In this stage involving UX design, concept validation, and usability testing, the cost depends on the number and types of device screens. According to the reputed mobile app design company, more the screens your app has, higher will it cost. Again, designing for different screen sizes also add up the cost.

4.Visual Design

When you talk about design a mobile app, the visual designing takes nearly 80-200 hours. However, this value varies as per the complexity of the mobile application. A simple app (on-demand app) will have lesser functionalities and so will be less expensive. The average complex application will have different screens and will demand more resources. Whereas the complex applications will cost a sky-high value to deliver you the irresistible ‘look and feel’ on different platforms.

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5.Other Factors to Consider

Various other factors that play a vital role in determining the app designing cost are:-

  • Project Size: Bigger the project you have, higher will be the price.
  • Designer’s Level: The expertise and experience of the designer also affects the price of the app.
  • Location: Again as already mentioned, getting the app development services from developing countries like India will provide you top-class services at much lower cost, when compared to developed nations like the USA.
  • In addition to this, the requirements of facilities like Chat, Video streaming, etc. also affect the cost factor.


From the aforementioned factors, hopefully it would be easier for you to determine the cost to design a mobile app. If you still have any doubt or would like to get our customized services, contact anytime!