There was a time when having a mobile-friendly website was enough, but now the time has taken a new turn. Now, it is must to have a mobile app. Otherwise, you would face the challenge of outshining your competitors and engaging your customers. You don’t believe? Check out the following stats then:

In 2017 NAR (National Association of Realtors) and Google together revealed that:-

  • Nearly 27% of agents and 21% of brokers spent $501- $2,000 on real estate app development and other technologies in the last 12 months.

  • Over 90% of the consumers search their home only or use it at some or another point.

  • About 51% of users found the home they purchased on the Internet.

The generation of today is mobile-dependent and want everything to be available with a few clicks and taps. For them, mobile apps are the main and often the only unit for most of their personal and business communications. This has drifted the different business verticals towards the development of this multi-functional and imperative tool. And, of course, real estate industry is no far lagging. If you are in real estate, and still wondering if investing in a mobile application will be the right decision for your business, go through the following benefits of real estate app:

Benefits of Real Estate App Development for Your Business

The mobile applications have transformed the existing search and sales patterns. They have become the need of the hour for real estate professionals who are willing to sell their services as efficiently as possible. With an experience of developing ‘top-grossing’ applications for real estate industry, our experts have jotted down the following advantages of investing in real estate app development:

  • Caters a Larger Audience

In the present world where people spend most of their time on smartphones and more specifically, on apps, having a business mobile application can be the best way to reach them. An app can be a visually-appealing platform to entice the consumers and allow them to get all the information easily.

Also, as your app icon will remain shining on their home screen, they are more likely to check your app and perform other functionalities. In short, it can be a great tool to remain in the minds of the users.

  • Provides Online Brand Presence

A mobile app for your real estate business can be the best method to market your business. With the technologies like Geo-location, you can provide captivating offers and deals to the users and keep them hooked. Also, with social media integration, you can allow the users to share their experience on social media networks. And this way, enable you to connect with their near and dear ones. Besides this, a mobile app can make you stand out in the market as some realtors are still looking forward to real estate app development.

  • Delivers Utmost User Experience

To outshine the tough competition in the real estate industry, an app developed by the best mobile app developers can be an advantage. With an app, you can provide smooth searches to the consumers, allowing them to view the details and images of the properties on the basis of their constraints. You can also allow them to directly communicate with the sellers via the chat feature. In addition to these, the push notification feature can keep them updated with the latest projects and property listings. This means they won’t miss a single opportunity to be informed about the properties they can invest in.

  • Simplifies Property Transaction procedure

For the people looking for properties for the first time, it might be difficult to understand the property transaction process. In such a situation, an application can assist them through tips, FAQ pages, and inbuilt chat feature.

  • Increases Speed of Sales

As per the top realtors, EMI calculation is just like a breaking point in the sales process. Some people are so confused about loan details and EMI procedure that they make delays in the process. This slows down the pace of transaction. To overcome this, the best app development companies in India suggest the introduction of a loan calculator within the app. With this calculator, the users can easily calculate their payments on their devices anytime and anywhere.


In the highly competitive world of Real estate, it is necessary to adapt the changes occurring in the industry and make the best use of every opportunity. Nowadays, the users spend most of their time on mobile devices, which implies investing in the real estate app development is the excellent opportunity to interact with your targeted audience and reach newer heights.