The competition in the mobile domain has increased to the extent that the one and the only one way to ensure your app success is customer loyalty. More the customers are engaged with your app, the higher is your chances of success in the app market.

According to the experts, attracting a new customer for trying your services is easier. However, to keep those customers hooked to your application for further processing is a daunting task. It has been found that nearly 23% of users never use a mobile app after the first use. In such a scenario, if you are wondering how can you keep the users entertained and hooked to your android app, read the following points.

Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty Using an Android App:-

An Android application can enable you to attract users, drive your sales and keep them engaged by the following features:

1. Providing Coupons to New Customer:  

Just like that in offline marketing, you can also provide online coupons to the customers. This is an effective method to attract new users and allow them to try your services, without undergoing the hassle of cutting and storing the paper coupons so as to use in the future.

When you welcome the users with such options, they feel the urge to take the perks of the coupons, which ultimately means trying your application. Apart from this, you can also provide them some reward points on sign up in your app, use your services for the first time or referring the app to a new potential user.

2. Offering Loyalty Cards to Existing Users:  

According to the top application development agency, the probability of selling your services to an existing user is 5-6 times higher than that in case of a new user. Also, an existing customer is supposed to spend 67% more than the novice users. Thus, it is necessary to not only focus on the new customers but also provide value to the existing ones.

To keep the existing users visit your application regularly and use your services, employ a loyalty card. When you provide some discounts or exclusive offers to users with a loyalty card, they feel valued and decide to visit again. You can also integrate your Android app with push notification feature to provide location-based customized offers to them, even when they aren’t using the app.

3. Making your App Easier to Find and Install:  

By promoting your android mobile application on Social media platforms, you can make it easier for the users to reach you and install the app. You can also provide the ‘download option’ on your website so that someone landing on your page can easily download the application. 

Besides this, you can also improve the customer experience and loyalty by providing quick and effortless installation steps. To discuss how to make the installation phase faster and hassle-free, reach to the experienced app developers now!

4. Allowing Advance Mobile Ordering:  

Users hate to stand in long queues to get the desired product/service and more often leave the store. In such a scenario, your mobile application can be the best way to keep them enticed and involved. If you provide the facilities like pre-ordering the items, paying the bills online and keeping the desired products in your wishlist, you can cut down the waiting line and increase the number of active users. According to the best android app development company, these facilities will outshine you in the competition and promote your store based on the user convenience.

5.Monitoring with App Analytics:  

By integrating your mobile application with app analytics, you can get the real-time information about your user’s behavior. You can count the number of downloads, analyze which app page/content is highly liked by the user and thus, can plan your next user engaging strategy with the insight gained. Also, you can analyze the positive and negative impact of changes on your audience and explore what’s necessary for improving your app’s usage, market position, and performance. And at last, the number of active users.


With the help of an Android app having the above mentioned features, you can go an extra mile to encourage the users to use your services and remain loyal to your brand throughout. So, don’t waste a single more minute! Rush to the top Android mobile application development company and get your own app today itself!