Why do I need a mobile app, when I have an eCommerce website? – Most of the retailers come across this question almost every single day. It’s true that you have a website and are relishing higher sales, but is that enough? With users switching from desktops to mobile devices, it is extremely important for all the retailers and brands to adopt the latest technology trends, which means get their own e-Commerce application.
A mobile app for your eCommerce business can serve the retailers and commerce-based businesses with multiple benefits, some of which are:

Better Accessibility

Opening and using a mobile eCommerce application is easier and faster than opening a browser, entering the website URL and waiting for it to load so as to navigate through it. This is a plus point of mobile applications over the websites in the current scenario when the users want all the services instantly and are ready to look for an alternative if they are supposed to wait for more than 2 seconds.

“78% of users worldwide prefer using a mobile application over accessing a retailer store via a mobile browser.”

On the top of it, mobile apps consume lesser data and can be accessed offline as well, which means user’s experience will not be hampered by the network issues or no data.

Brand Awareness

It often happens that the users forget your website URL and never return. However, this can be prevented by developing an eCommerce app. A mobile application resides on the user’s screen forever, and thus, increases the chances of grabbing their attention and reminding them of your brand.

Access to Device Features

Unlike websites, eCommerce mobile apps can better access the device native features for rendering better facilities to users. For example, an eCommerce business can provide location-based services to the users via GPS, they can let the users have seamless shopping experience by integrating the app with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and much more.

Enhanced User Experience

Mobile apps, via access to the camera, personal information and history, can easily understand the user’s needs and deliver exactly what they want. In other words, the mobile eCommerce applications can be the perfect tool for the retailer to provide personalized services to the users.
Besides, the mobile apps, with the integration of the cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality, iBeacon, and Chatbot, are doubling the user experience both in-store and online. This is less-to-no possible in case of mobile websites.

Higher User Retention Rate

According to a research conducted by Criteo, the mobile application users are 2x likely to return to your retail store when compared to shoppers using website. This is primarily because of mobile app features like Push notifications which prompt the users with lucrative offers and discounts to returning to your store and shop.

Now, as you know the perks of investing in e-commerce application development, take no time to find the right mobile application development company and add value to your business.